T Series

T Series / Point to Point Core Network / Rural Connections

The T Series is suitable for PTP core/trunk/distribution fiber and for connection to remote or rural locations

The T-series has been specifically designed to be installed within water trunk mains pipes and eliminates the need for costly and disruptive trenching associated with more traditional technologies. The T-series enables long runs (up to 2km) between breakout points and can be rolled out quickly, covering average distances of 2km per day.

– Designed for PTP fibre links
– Ideal for connecting rural communities and remote locations
– Typically up to 2 Km segments between break-out points
– Current technology can deliver up to 144-fibers
– Aggregated install rate of 1km to 2km per day readily achieved
– Spurs to rural premises/farms of > 1km off core fibre using M Series products

T Series

Success stories

Connexió a l’empresa Esporc S.A. (Tona)

Abril 2017

La fàbrica de pinso d’Esporc S.A. situada al municipi de Tona (Osona – Barcelona), ja disposa de connexió de banda ampla per fibra òptica gràcies a la col·laboració entre l’operador de telecomunicacions Emagina i FIBRAIGUA. L’operador Emagina és la marca comercial de l’empresa E-Phos Digital SLU, pertanyent al Grup Estabanell, creada l’any 2015 amb seu a Granollers. […]



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