D Series

D Series

The D Series is ideal for FTTx connectivity to individual properties and gated communities

The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series is designed specifically to overcome the challenges of providing a connection between the public footway and the property.

It is fairly straightforward for service provider contractors to install fibre optic cables in the main carriageway; the surfaces and surrounding services are predictable. However, it is a very different story when it comes to providing a connection between the carriageway and the property. Once inside the consumer’s boundary, each and every ‘home drop’ effectively becomes a project in itself. The potential substrates experienced are infinatley variable; concrete, tarmac, cobbled sets etc. and the possibility of damaging other utilities whilst digging a trench to the property are high.

The D-Series solution overcomes these problems by installing a micro-bore pipe within the existing potable water supply pipe and negating these potential problems.

The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series is designed to provide the final connection from the Footway to the Property

D Series

The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series y-Branch Consists of 11 Seperate Components

D Series

1. Water Pipe

2. Water Pipe Cap

3. Water Pipe Grab Ring

4. Pipe Strengthener

5. Water Pipe Collar

6. WRAS & ANSI Certified Microduct

7. Water Pipe ‘O’ Ring

8. D-25 Main Body

9. Patented Pressure Adaptor

10. Pressure Adaptor Cap

11. External Microduct

The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series Pressure Adaptor also Consists of 14 Seperate Components

D Series

1. WRAS & ANSI 5/2.5 Certified Microduct

2. Internal Screw Cap

3. Microduct Grip

4. Internal Microduct O-Rings

5. External O-Rings

6. Pressure Adaptor Main Body

7. Microduct Grab Rings

8. Concave Washers

9. Flat Washer

10. Permanent Fit Push-Fit Grip

11. External Collar

12. External Microduct (5/3.5)


Ansi61&372 Certified
WRAS Approved Product
Strongest Link
Maintenance Free
No heavy plant required
Fitting creates an airtight seal
Eco Friendly
Same Material as modern pipes


General information:


C/ Molí d’en Saborit, 2 - Edifici Auditorium · Oficina 4.2 - 08500 Vic (Barcelona)
T. +34 931315633


C/ Santiago Ramón i Cajal, 60 08500 Vic (Barcelona)





Commercial Area:

Montse Parés

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Technical Area:

Víctor Niubó Garcia

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